Basaltic Trachyandesite
Basaltic Trachyandesite

Basaltic Trachyandesite

Novaculite and Basaltic Trachyandesite Reserves

1 Reserves
1.1 Deposits in Eastern Continents
1.1.1 Asia
China, India, Iran, Japan, Oman, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam
India, Russia
1.1.2 Africa
Kenya, Morocco, South Africa, Tanzania
South Africa
1.1.3 Europe
Austria, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom
1.1.4 Others
Greenland, Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Not Yet Found
1.2 Deposits in Western Continents
1.2.1 North America
Canada, Mexico, USA
Canada, USA
1.2.2 South America
Bolivia, Brazil
1.3 Deposits in Oceania Continent
1.3.1 Australia
New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia
Not Yet Found

Reserves of Novaculite and Basaltic Trachyandesite

The reserves of Novaculite and Basaltic Trachyandesite are geographically distributed all over the world. Novaculite and Basaltic Trachyandesite reserves play an important role in a country’s economic growth. Rocks are deposited according to the topography of the area. Some oldest rocks can be found in the Canadian Shield, Australia, Africa and in a few other old regions around the world. The ages of these felsic rocks are around 2.5 and 3.8 billion years. Learn about the countries with Novaculite and Basaltic Trachyandesite reserves here.

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