Dolomite Definition

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1 Definition
1.1 Definition
Dolomite is a sedimentary rock containing more than 50 percent of the mineral dolomite by weight
1.2 History
1.2.1 Origin
Southern Alps, France
1.2.2 Discoverer
1.3 Etymology
From French, from the name of Dolomieu (1750–1801), the French geologist who discovered the rock
1.4 Class
Sedimentary Rocks
1.4.1 Sub-Class
Durable Rock, Medium Hardness Rock
1.5 Family
1.5.1 Group
Not Applicable
1.6 Other Categories
Coarse Grained Rock, Fine Grained Rock, Medium Grained Rock, Opaque Rock

Define Dolomite

Dolomite is one of the important type of rocks. If we have to define Dolomite in general, Dolomite is a sedimentary rock containing more than 50 percent of the mineral dolomite by weight. Dolomite comes under Sedimentary Rocks. All Sedimentary Rocks have similar properties and formation process. Along with Dolomite Definition, know more about the History of Dolomite, Etymology of Dolomite in next sections.

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