Basaltic Trachyandesite
Basaltic Trachyandesite


Basaltic Trachyandesite

Basaltic Trachyandesite and Obsidian Uses

1 Uses
1.1 Architecture
1.1.1 Interior Uses
Floor Tiles, Homes, Hotels, Kitchens
Decorative Aggregates, Interior Decoration
1.1.2 Exterior Uses
As Building Stone, Paving Stone, Garden Decoration, Office Buildings
Garden Decoration
1.1.3 Other Architectural Uses
Curbing, Whetstones
Not Yet Used
1.2 Industry
1.2.1 Construction Industry
As Dimension Stone, Cobblestones, Rail Track Ballast, Roadstone
Arrowheads, Cutting Tool, Knives, Scrapers, Spear Points
1.2.2 Medical Industry
Not Yet Used
1.3 Antiquity Uses
Artifacts, Monuments
Artifacts, Jewellery
1.4 Other Uses
1.4.1 Commercial Uses
An Oil and Gas Reservoir, Commemorative Tablets, Creating Artwork
Creating Artwork, Mirror, Used in aquariums

Uses of Basaltic Trachyandesite and Obsidian

There are many uses of Basaltic Trachyandesite and Obsidian based on their unique properties. All rocks due to their properties, texture, color etc. have variety of uses. Know all about Basaltic Trachyandesite and Obsidian and their uses in industries and architecture in the upcoming sections.

  • Commercial uses of Basaltic Trachyandesite: an oil and gas reservoir, commemorative tablets, creating artwork.
  • Commercial uses of Obsidian: creating artwork, mirror, used in aquariums.
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