Dunite Definition

Rocks with Medium Hardness

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Dunite Definition

Dunite is a green to brownish coarse-grained igneous rock mainly consisting of olivine

History of Dunite

New Zealand

Ferdinand von Hochstetter

From the name of Dun Mountain, New Zealand, + -ite1

Igneous Rocks

Durable Rock, Medium Hardness Rock

Dunite Family


Other Categories
Coarse Grained Rock, Opaque Rock

Define Dunite

Dunite is one of the important type of rocks. If we have to define Dunite in general, Dunite is a green to brownish coarse-grained igneous rock mainly consisting of olivine. Dunite comes under Igneous Rocks. All Igneous Rocks have similar properties and formation process. Along with Dunite Definition, know more about the History of Dunite, Etymology of Dunite in next sections.

History of Dunite

In the above section, we have gone through the Dunite definition. Now let's study about the history of Dunite. Our mother Earth is more than millions of years old. Almost whole surface of earth is made up of rocks. These rocks are covered by a layer of soil of considerable thickness. There are many interesting Dunite Types and Facts which give information about the Earth's crust.

Dunite Origin and Discoverer

It is always interesting to know about Dunite origin and discoverer. Dunite origin lies way back in the history. According to the geological information, the location where Dunite was first found is New Zealand. Later, Dunite was found in many parts of the world. You can know the name of Dunite discoverer here. Discoverers of rocks are generally geologists who have deep knowledge about rocks. The discoverer of Dunite rock is Ferdinand von Hochstetter.

Etymology of Dunite

Know more about the etymology and class of Dunite. Etymology of Dunite gives the information about the history of Dunite, its origin and how it is formed. In some cases, the etymology depends on Formation of Dunite. The Dunite etymology is From the name of Dun Mountain, New Zealand, + -ite1.

Class of Dunite

After going through the etymology of Dunite and Dunite definition, let us now discuss about the class of Dunite. Class of Dunite is Igneous Rocks. All igneous rocks are further classified as Plutonic Rocks and Extrusive Rocks. Dunite Class gives the category of rocks in which Dunite falls. Other than Igneous Rocks, Dunite is also categorized into:

  • Durable Rock and Medium Hardness Rock
  • Coarse grained rock and Opaque rock